GTA Concept has enough force to match an SLR McLaren. And it's from Spain, not Italy or Germany.

Spain is getting ready to manufacture its own super car. And it has nothing to do with something called Auto Emoción! No señior, this is GTA Motor, whose concept you bear witness to in these pages.

GTA Motor brings its racing experience to the neighbourhood with this concept, which uses carbon composite materials for bodywork, a panoramic roof for skywatch and a 6-speed sequential gearbox. With its limited slip differential commanding things, takeoff should be a matter of sniff and throw, so top speed of 340km/h is possible. Rear wheels measure 20-inches in diameter, as opposed to the 19-inch poised by the front. Car features carbon ceramic brakes, six piston calipers both front and rear and ABS.

What sensational salsa holds sway under the hood you might ask? GTA has developed a cool V10 motor of twin turbo relation, which sits in a central-rear longitudinal position. It is whispered within Valencian corridors that over 600 bhp/ 447kW lives within those ten cylinders, waiting to pounce on anything German, Italian, Swedish or American thrown at it. Even the Japanese will not be spared.

GTA plans to build 99 units in 2008, with distribution collaborations sorted out for all the key markets in the world.

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