Bernie Ecclestone has reiterated his view that at least two of F1's new teams are not likely to make their debuts as scheduled in March.

In the wake of the F1 chief executive's last round of uncertainty about the health of new teams, the USF1 and Campos entries insisted their campaigns are on track to join the action at the Bahrain opener.

"Obviously when you speak to these people they say: It's fine, there is no drama. But I think there is drama," Ecclestone said after arriving at the Madonna di Campiglio winter media event wearing a Ferrari ski jacket.

The 79-year-old said the issue is not a major concern for his sport, however, as "all we need is 10 solid teams".

Ecclestone made bigger headlines late Wednesday with his controversial proposal to install "shortcuts" at each circuit that each driver can use five times a race.

"Then you wouldn't get stuck behind a slower car," he explained. "It would be great for TV. I've tried to push the teams on this because I don't think the efforts to increase overtaking are working, but they haven't gone for it."


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