It seems that the Fiat Uno will definitely be making a comeback.

These pics come to us courtesy of Novidades Automotivas, who apparently have obtained the photos directly from the Brazilian government patent and registrations office.

The pictures, of course, show a work in progress, so it's difficult to deduce what the final product Uno will actually look like. What we see here are some distinct design lines, though, such as the unique grill with large "teeth" and the fold line in the middle of the hood that runs the length of bonnet from the front badge back up to the windshield.

Engines for the Uno will include a 1.0 liter ethanol powerplant with 75 hp and a 1.4 liter called the Evo, based on Fiat's current 1.4 liter block.

Luggage space is reported to be a very limited 200 liters but the Uno will have a fuel tank of 48 liters, giving the car a generous range.

Fiat, however, does not appear to have plans to take the Uno back to Europe. The Uno will be sold only in Brazil and some other South American markets.


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