We have the roundup of Honda's presentation at the Tokyo Auto Salon, including a new Insight concept, and two new design studies. Photos and details inside.

A new Honda Insight concept will make its debut at this weekend's Tokyo Auto Salon.  The hybrid will appear alongside the Freed and Life styling studies, also making their debuts.

The Honda Insight Sports Modulo Concept has been designed with the theme "Exciting Eco" in mind.  The car features a bold new front bumper that adds a new lower grille, diffuser, and LED lighting.  The wheels are of impressive design, and lead to sport-inspired sidesills.  In back, a new squared bumper adds a stronger look.  Clear plastic replaces the red plastic covering the taillights.  For some odd reason, ridiculous-looking fins have been tacked on at either side of the hatch.

Still, the car does look more appealing than the 2010 Insight.

The Honda Freed study is a metallic purple MPV with glittery girlish details stuck all over.  It features engraved metal touches, purple-tinged wheels, and well-incorporated fog lights.  Inside the four-door drivers and passengers will sit comfortably in the white leather (purple stitch) interior.  The contrasting black and white interior is an interesting design, with many young women surely appreciating the bling added to the dash and door inserts.  

Others will be drawn to the noisy design of the Honda Life study.  Painted in yellow, the car looks a bit like an unusually-shaped taxi.  The graphics all over the vehicle, including the wheels and roof, look clumsy, at best.  Inside, the ambient blue lighting, yellow inserts, black trim, and two-tone seats continues the overly busy design.

The three vehicles will remain on display in Tokyo through Sunday.

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