Fiat is showing off their influence on Chrysler at this year's NAIAS.  The Italian automaker has 20% ownership of the American brand, managerial control over it, and is using the Detroit show to introduce new models to Americans.

Small cars are seen as critical to Chrysler's a new chapter in the company's history.  Thus, new management ordered engineers at Fiat-owned Lancia to rebrand the Delta as a Chrysler.  Sporting a new grille, the Delta is not expected to be rebranded as a Chrysler for the North American market. The rebadged Lancia is mainly a conversation piece for Chrysler to guage reactions to the synergistic possibilities between the two brands.

The Delta is joined by the Fiat 500 EV and the Abarth 500.  Fiat plans to kick-off NA sales of the 500 later this year with a 100-horsepower 1.4-liter engine produced in Michigan.  A 175-horsepower turbocharged unit will be fitted for the NA-spec Abarth 500.  Vehicle production will take place in Mexico.

More details on the 500 EV to follow shortly.

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