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Famed Formula One and supercar designer Gordon Murray, including being the father of the McLaren F1, talked with esteemed motorsport journalist Peter Windsor in an interview for's partners at Autosport. During the discussion, Murray mused about some of his favorite road cars, in addition to offering opinions on the current state of F1.

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When discussing the favorites from his personal collection of vehicles, Murray immediately mentions the Lotus Elan, which he owns a pair of. He actually used the classic British sports car as the benchmark for the McLaren F1's handling. In Murray's opinion, he didn't quite hit this target, despite the supercar's feel from behind the wheel being widely lauded by the lucky drivers who have experienced it.

There's definitely a theme to the vehicles in Murray's fleet. He clearly prefers nimble, though not necessarily highly powerful models. Several entries from Lotus, a Ford Cortina, a classic Mini, and even a Honda S800 coupe have spots in the collection.

Also in the interview, Murray says that he isn't fan of modern F1 design, though, because the regulations allow very little freedom in the shape of the cars. “It’s the old business of 'put them all in a room and paint them all white and give someone 30 seconds to identify them.' I don’t think I could," Murray said.

IGM coupe teaser

Murray remains busy in the auto industry. He is now working on a two-seat coupe (above) with a design taking touches from the F1. It incorporates Gordon Murray Design’s iStream Superlight production process that uses high-strength aluminum to save weight, while being very rigid. Advanced aerodynamics lets the vehicle slip through the air. "With our first new car, we will demonstrate a return to the design and engineering principles that have made the McLaren F1 such an icon," Murray previously said about the coupe. 

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