If you love the Tata Nano but hate its slow performance, DC Design wants to talk to you.

The Indian design house has announced plans to create a modified Nano that will have a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph) - almost twice that of the original. You'd figure this increase in performance would only cost you a couple thousand dollars, right? Try $220,000!

This insane figure will get you a Nano equipped with a 1600cc engine (which replaces the 33 hp 624cc two-cylinder), an aggressive body kit, a revised suspension, better brakes, and 20-inch wheels.

According to Dilip Chhabaria, head of DC Design, "We would like to keep the cost low but with the technology and the amount of work we will be putting into the car, the 10 million rupee ($220,000 dollars) price tag will be justified."

Due to the massive price tag, Chhabaria believes DC Design will only be able to sell two to five Nanos a year. 

Other recent DC Design concepts to emerge from the Delhi Auto Expo include the Imperator and Ying Yang.

Enhanced Tata Nano Hits 124 mph & costs $220,000