Heffner Performance has released a short clip depicting its Audi R8-based twin turbo supercar going from third to fourth gear.

This video snippet shows the upcoming Heffner-treated Audi R8 going from second to fourth gear on the freeway. As is typical with video footage, the car's true power potential cannot really be seen on a screen. Its pull however, should be quite hectic in real life.

Heffner is going for a factory look and feel with their twin turbo system. They want customers to get more than what the standard car offers but without feeling like they had visited a backyard garage mechanic to achieve that.

At the moment the car is said to run 6PSI and an 11.8 to 1 air/fuel ratio. It kicks out 536 rear wheel hp but should attain about 600rwhp after drinking 100 octane fuel. Heffner reckons these changes will give it a quarter mile time in the high 10 second range.


Heffner Performance Audi R8 Twin Turbo New Photos and Video