Porsche Design has sent out details about a new edition of the candybar phone the firm released on the open market last year.  The P'9522 Black Edition will be available by the end of the month, and was created in-house at the design firm's R&D facility in Austria.

The model is still "milled from a block of solid aluminum," only now the casing is colored entirely in darker tones.  For company officials, the special edition was an obvious choice.

"Black has characterized us from the start," said Porsche Design Group CEO Dr. Juergen Gessler.  He notes that the company's first release was a purpose-built all-black wristwatch.  "As is typical for Porsche Design, the black has a functional background: the Chronograph I is derived from the appearance of the non-reflective instruments used in racing cars, in which everything right down to the instruments is matte black. This avoids unwanted reflections and guarantees easy readability."

The phone's makers claim the device has "excellent sound and image reproduction," as well as "innovative functions."  However, they do not specifically state any new features brought to the table by the Black version.  Still, the phone comes with a fingerprint reader, so a stolen phone will be of little use to a thief.

The P'9522 Black Edition will be available soon anywhere Porsche Design products are sold.

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