Mitsubishi have given its Australian range of vehicles the "Panther" treatment. This means neon sill lighting, black paint and lots and lots of chrome.

First shown at the Australian motor show in October 2007, these styling concepts from Mitsubishi Australia actually show some of the accessories that are now available from Mitsubishi Australia Dealers.

Mitsubishi have been in the Australian press for all the wrong reasons of late. Recently they have just pulled their manufacturing operations in Australia which means they will no longer build their Mitsubishi 380 V6 sedan. To try and win the Aussie buying public over once again, Mitsubishi are showcasing their “Panther” concepts.

All the vehicles are all painted in, of course, black. Firstly there is the little Colt hatch with its funky body kit and 16-inch alloy wheels, probably the most successful looking car to receive the makeover. Next in line for the Panther treatment is the Lancer sedan which has huge 20-inch blinged up chrome wheels.

The four wheel drives in the range also get fully blinged up to the hilt with ridiculous 22-inch American style chrome wheels. The Pajero/Shogun off-roader also gets a lowered ride height, custom body kit, illuminated scuff panels and a chrome exhaust tip. The Triton Pick-up adds a hard tonneau cover and front and rear lamp bezels, in chrome of course.

Even the Grandis People carrier gets the treatment so mum can look the business on the school run.

It all makes for a chintzy, blinged up range of cars that offer much style over little substance. The only thing that is lacking now is the 22-inch sub woofer!

Mitsubishi Panther Styling Concepts at Melbourne Motor Show