GM's OnStar Mobile Application is going to be introduced at CES this week, but what does it do? Details and photos inside.

Chevrolet will roll-out the OnStar Mobile Application at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The application is being readied for upcoming owners of the Chevrolet Volt, so those customers can receive constant real-time data from their cars.

The app will be available on multiple platforms, initially working on Apple's iPhone, the Blackberry Storm, and Motorola Droid.  It will allow users to schedule charging times on their car, turn on the climate control system, and remotely start the car.  Once the car reaches full charge, it can text or e-mail the driver an alert.  Updates will also be sent when charging begins, and when electricity is interrupted.

Battery level, available range, charging status, average mpg, and other status notifications on the Volt can be shown on the owner's phone when needed.  These updates complements the normal OnStar commands which can be used to power the locks, lights, and horn.

OnStar Mobile Application will be available to all purchasers of the Chevrolet Volt, once that car is launched.  It is unclear if the the app will be included as standard for any length of time, or if it will cost an additional fee as an option.

Smartphone App Gives Owners 24/7 Connection to New Chevrolet Volt