New drawings of the still-unnamed supercar from designer Lee Noble show a mean-looking two-seater. Images and details inside.

Lee Noble, the founder of Noble Automotive, has released a series of renderings featuring his next supercar. The car will be produced by Noble's new company, Fenix Automotive, set-up within the two years following his departure from Noble Automotive.

Renderings show an interesting front fascia and spoiler that bulges at the outer edges, making the front take on a convex appearance. A trapezoidal blacked-out honeycomb grille looks sporty, while the headlights and LEDs look almost menacing. Indicators appear to also be built into the sideview mirrors. The overhead view of the car shows a vehicle that will likely have limited cabin space. Although a two-seater, it looks like access will be provided to the rear through rearward opening "suicide" doors, making loading and unloading of gear a bit easier.

Purchasers of the as-yet unnamed car will get a choice of either the GM LS3 V8-engine, producing 480 horsepower, or the LS9 V8-engine from the Corvette ZR1. That engine bumps horsepower up to 638 hp. Using the bigger engine, the Fenix is expected to reach 100mph (160 km/h) in under seven seconds.

Keeping the vehicle's weight at 1,200 kilograms was key to reaching that ludicrous sprint time. A composite body helped weight remain low on the two-seater. Top speed on the car is 200 mph.

Pricing on the unnamed car will begin at £75,000. Sales could begin by the fourth quarter of 2010.


Lee Noble's Fenix Supercar Renderings Released