The latest official details of the Kia UVO infotainment system have been released. We have the roundup inside.

A new infotainment unit from Kia will combine speech recognition, mobile device control, and a rearview camera all in one system.  Called UVO, short for "Your Voice," Kia's system will first be available to customers purchasing the 2011 Kia Sorento CUV.  The all-new CUV will come on the market over the summer.

Like Ford SYNC, UVO was developed in cooperation with Microsoft.  No longer working exclusively with the American automaker, the software giant provided both Windows Embedded Auto and speech recognition programs for UVO.  The system allows the driver to "answer and place phone calls, receive and respond to SMS text messages, access music from a variety of media sources and create custom music experiences."

Cutting down on menus, and increasing the amount of recognizable voice commands, was a big part of UVO's development.  By also including grammar recognition, those in the cabin who ask, "What's playing?" can expect an accurate answer from UVO.

Beyond audio responses, UVO also displays a great deal of information on the included 4.3-inch color screen.  The phonebook on a mobile phone, media content on a device, and vehicle status will all pop up when the driver needs it.  Once the shifter is put in reverse, the screen shows what is happening behind the car, courtesy of the included rear-view camera.

Kia will have UVO on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas through the week.

Kia UVO Infotainment System Details Announced