Tata's new taxi competitor will most definitely be used to fight off auto rickshaws in India. Details and photos of the Tata Magic Iris four-wheeler inside.

Tata introduced an oddly-shaped new people carrier at the Auto Expo 2010, being held in the Indian capital of New Delhi.  The Tata Magic Iris seats five, including the driver, and is meant to compete with three-wheeled vehicles.

The Magic Iris uses a 611-cc water-cooled diesel engine capable of launching the car to a massive top speed of 55 km/h.  The 11.2-horsepower engine provides better acceleration than most of the country's trikes, and requires less overall maintenance.

Those in India can expect to see the Tata Magic Iris used as a short-haul taxi, visciously competing with the nation's auto-rickshaws.  Tata will launch sales for the vehicle later this year.

Special thanks to IndianAutosBlog.com for the live photos.

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