A new MPV could be coming to the Indian marketplace, if Suzuki has its way. Photos and details of the Suzuki Re Concept MPV inside.

Suzuki's subsidiary in India has unveiled the Suzuki R3 Concept MPV at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi earlier today.  The Indian-designed vehicle with six individual seats was designed from scratch in only nine months.

Unveiled live on national television, the R3 Concept was designed to capture the attention of a growing number of consumers in that country who require vehicles for multiple purposes.  Should the vehicle make production, consumers should expect a vehicle whose seats fold away allowing for a substantial amount of cargo room.

If the subsidiary, Maruti Suzuki India, brings the car to market, rear passengers would find it much easier getting in and out of rearward opening doors versus conventional doors.  The doors also look much more stylish compared to sliding versions.  Color tones on the inside go together well, and include cream and black upholstery, glossy black inserts with chrome trim, and a mellow blue.

The exterior is given a somewhat brutish look, with a somewhat boxy shape and bulky rear.  At the front, high-intensity lighting is contrasted with, what appears to be, subtle LED accents.  LEDs can also be seen in the rear.  Dual-exhaust pipes are well incorporated behind each wheel well.

It is unclear what engine is used on the car, what fuel it uses, and the performance it delivers.  Some reports speculate the car could receive the automaker's 1.2- and 1.4-liter petrol engines, and a Fiat-built 1.3-liter diesel.  The engine appears to be mated to a five-speed manual transmission on the prototype.

Maruti Suzuki is the big dog of the Indian auto market.  The company holds nearly 50% of the market share in that country.  Unveilings today by Toyota and Honda, and increased investment by GM, will require Suzuki to continue developing vehicles specifically for the Indian market if they want to continue dominating there.

A production version of the Suzuki R3 Concept MPV could come to market inside of two years.

Special thanks to IndianAutosBlog.com for the live photos.

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