When the first generation Impreza WRX hit the market it set the tuner/enthusiast scene on fire. Sixteen years later, Subaru decided to try something new by adding a 5-door variant for that hot-hatch appeal.  Despite being a good performer, its styling was met with little excitement.

As a result, laptop artists have taken it upon themselves to fill in the blanks and create their own versions of what the ideal WRX hatchback should look like. This particular rendering was created by Pete Smith of Digimods.co.uk who decided to pull no punches. 

With the slight silhouette of a massive engine stuffed in the rear, Smith outfitted the WRX with a 1980s Rieger-esque widebody kit with deep dish two-tone BBS type wheels and enough vents, louvres and scoops to make a wind tunnel blush.

Regardless of its over-the-top nature, we still love it.  Don't you?

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