Revealed in July the 458 Italia has mainly been viewed on race tracks through special media junkets or Ferrari's own PR materials.  So the good folks at community tipped us onto to some new material of the Ferrari 458 Italia in a more urban environment.

In addition to closeup photos, the video montage running 4m 39s places the 458 in various scenarios.  Filmed in The Netherlands the 458 is one of the first examples to arrive in the country. The videographer who world as a car washer/detailer at a Porsche dealership is often exposed to exotic cars and found this particular 458 at Kroymans Ferrari/Aston Martin/Maserati in Hilversum.  

Although no official announcements have been made yet, alleged pricing documents have leaked and European market launch is expected in spring 2010. 

It is unknown why this 458 is at a dealership prior to market launch.



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