Was Volvo able to achieve their goal of "First Car on YouTube in 2010?" In a word, "no." However, their new video of the next-gen Volvo S60 does show an interesting car that will have wide appeal.

In a rush to try to claim the unimportant title of "First car on YouTube in 2010," Volvo dropped a new video of the Volvo S60.  The video was posted to the company's Facebook page, which we quickly turned and posted on our own WCF YouTube channel.

Unfortunate for Volvo, we got the video up on the video sharing website over an hour before 12:01am in the Christmas Islands, the first populated place on Earth to celebrate the New Year.  Because of this, Volvo has more likely claimed the title of "Last car on YouTube in 2009."

Just over a year ago the Volvo S60 concept was introduced before its NAIAS debut.  The production model is expected to get a turbocharged engine, with a plug-in hybrid possibly also due out.

The minute-long video shows the S60 from several different angles.  We can see right away that the concept's fluid lines were tamed quite a bit to create the production model, probably to appeal to a wider audience.  The streaking LED lighting at the back does look quite nice.

Volvo will officially debut the all-new 2011 Volvo S60 at the Geneva Motor Show in March.