A steep price cut on Pontiac and Saturn vehicles is being offered to help GM clear out stock. Would you buy one? Details inside.

General Motors is offering Pontiac and Saturn dealers $7,000 for any vehicles remaining on their lots.  The buyback will last until January 4, letting dealers sell the vehicles as used, and at whatever price they see fit.

Dealers will then be encouraged to buy more new Pontiac and Saturn vehicles from GM's stock.  This will help reduce inventory in the run-up to the permanent closure of the brands.  GM justifies calling these vehicles used because the dealerships owned them first.

GM or GM supplier employees and their families still get a better discount, but the price cut will likely help dealers get cars off their lots.  Once the sale is over, GM will place any remaining vehicles from the two brands into service and rental fleets.

Pontiac sales are down 32.3 percent this year, with Saturn sales collapsing by 61.5%.  GM still had 9,500 Pontiacs and 7,500 Saturn units remaining.

Let us know if you would buy one of the vehicles, and what you would pay for it, in the comments section.

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