The debut of the Pininfarina Sintesi at Geneva will showcase a car designed around passengers, not mechanicals.

Pininfarina cant wait to wow us all at Geneva with this concept vehicle called the Sintesi. What Sintesi stands for as a concept is freedom of expression, freedom of movement inside a car, and freedom of the car itself within the context of exterior design.

Born of the idea that the shape of a cover is not a cover for the mechanicals, but rather the car gives shape to the mechanicals around the passengers, Sintesi follows a philosophy called Liquid Packaging. You can picture it in your mind what types of images follow anything shaped around liquidity of form.

Pininfarina says this is not only the future shape to come of their famous firm, but also to inspire the very future of motor design.

Interesting technologies embody what Sintesi is all about, like the lighting system that is said to disseminate information cleverly around the passengers in order not only to enhance the driving experience but also safety. The Pininfarina Sintesi runs on fuel cells which are positioned closest to the four wheels in order to optimise spatial utilisation.

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