The first teaser image of what Lotus calls Project Eagle has surfaced. It may only be a tiny teaser for now, but a full frontal reveal is promised for later in the year.

Lotus may not have an association with James Bond anymore, but the spy talk remained when 007 left the building so many years ago. Take the codename Project Eagle for example, something that sounds like a war operation. In reality Project Eagle doesn’t have anything to do with real war, but the war against curb weight, the war against inferior performance, and the new war against rising auto manufacturing costs.

All we can see right now is the front part of the chassis. Not much admittedly, but the information that accompanies the picture is more forthcoming. For instance, did you know that Project Eagle – not expected to land by the way – is slated to be the new pinnacle of Lotus engineering, the very top of the heap, sitting about Elise, Exige and Europa? This is something for sure.

Add to this, Lotus is planning to use Eagle’s underpinnings for other upcoming Lotus models. Aha! Now we’re talking! Mike Kimberly’s secretive company will not breathe a word on what these new products are, but we have reported during a few instances on the reincarnation of Esprit.

A glimpse for Geneva this week, but a full bare naked turnout at the British Motor Show in July is what Lotus plans to pull. Can’t wait.

Gallery: Lotus Eagle - first teaser image