We have new pictures and a lengthy new video showing the Honda HSV-010 GT, the NSX replacement, running test laps in Japan.

New video of the Honda HSV-010 GT, Honda Racing's replacement to the Honda/Acura NSX, has surfaced online.  The nearly 11-minute long video shows two mean, all-black racecars running test laps on the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

The car is slated for the GT500 class of the Japan Super GT Race Series.  This series typically requires manufacturers to provide production cars, but production-ready vehicles are also allowed.  Class rules mandate the car use a 3.4-liter V8 engine.

South-central Japan's Suzuka Circuit will play host to the race debut of the Honda HSV-010 GT.  The race season kicks off on March 20th.

Thanks to Kengi and Wayne for the tips!