Lotus is looking to return to racing in what would be a historic moment for a once-great race team. Details and archive photos inside.

Lotus is looking to compete in the Indy Car, GT and Le Mans Racing series in the 2010 season.  The British car manufacturer's new CEO is a big supporter of the plan as a way of increasing brand awareness.

"I believe that this is the perfect platform to showcase our capabilities; racing is part of our heritage and even today the technology in our road cars is derived from racing," Bahar said.  "We will investigate participation in Indy car series, GT and Le Mans racing amongst other series around the globe to demonstrate the shared technology."

While the plans are not yet concrete, Lotus' racing history practically commands an increase in race participation.  The company's Team Lotus has won the Formula One Constructors' title seven times, along with six Formula One World Drivers' Championships.  This would mark Lotus Cars first official return to racing since Team Lotus folded in 1994.

Note: Recently announced Lotus F1 team has little association with Lotus Cars. Also known as 1Malaysia, the F1 outfit uses the famous Lotus name under license by Proton, the owners of the British sports car maker Lotus Cars.

Lotus Plans Indy Car, GT and Le Mans Racing in 2010