Honda Racing has announced that the Honda HSV-010 GT will serve as a replacement to the NSX in the Japan Super GT Race Series.  Running in the GT500 class, the new model uses a 3.4-liter V8 engine, as required by the racing series rules.

Although the Super GT normally requires racing vehicles to be based on production cars, there are exceptions to the rule.  As previously reported, one such exception is the use of a production-ready car, even if the car is not in production.

With the economy's particularly harsh effect on the automotive industry, it is doubtful Honda would release a new high-end sports car this year.  This is especially true with Honda's corporate push to focus on more mass-marketable vehicles, and less on niche-market vehicles that are purchased in small numbers.

Honda's new racer is based on a recent NSX prototype.  The Honda HSV-010 GT will debut during the March 20-21 season opening race weekend at Suzuka Circuit in south-central Japan.

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