We have details of the Honda New Small Concept, set for introduction in India next year.

Honda's passenger car division will introduce the Honda New Small Concept next year in India.  The tiny car with a lackluster name would directly compete with the Tata Nano, if released.

In a statement distributed by Honda Siel Cars India, the company said, "Honda New Small Concept is a concept model of a new small-sized vehicle, which Honda is currently developing especially for India and other emerging nations."  HSCI is a joint venture between Japan-based Honda and India-based Siel Limited, formed in 1995.

In this case, "small" probably means "tiny."  Honda's vehicle is likely to be a two-door unit meant to compete with a concept en route from Toyota.  In January, Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe said, "There is a huge market for low-cost/price vehicles."  Earlier this month, it was announced that the Toyota's Entry Family Car concept will also debut in India next year, with production scheduled to begin next December.  Roughly 70,000 units could be built annually.

Honda does not want to be left out of the ultrasmall city car segment in emerging markets.  Both Japanese companies would like to steal some of the market share held by domestic favorite Tata.  The Honda New Small Concept and the Toyota Entry Family Car will be introduced in early January at the 10th Auto Expo in New Delhi.