MTM has begun work on the Audi R8 for those whose out-of-the-box R8 does nothing for them anymore. Engine will also be affected eventually.

MTM is excited by its announcement that it will finally add some significant mods to the famed Audi R8. MTM has vast experience in modding mostly German marques like VW, Audi, and Porsche, as well as Skoda and Ferrari.

A number of “upgrades” are proposed when it comes to the look, with customization starting from the wheels where forged MTM Bimoto rims are fitted for full effect. These will be available only from June. Rubber going around these is semi-slick, the type used by racing cars. MTM also say they have improved the sound of the R8, a feat that cannot be claimed idly because of the already magnificent aural treatment the R8 gives in standard form.

Since this is just the start for Project R8 at MTM, lots of work still needs to be done; aerodynamics, chassis, and engine. Already MTM has worked on this V8 in the RS 4, but not much was done past delimiting it from 250km/h to 282 km/h. Maybe this time the high-revver’s true potential will be unleashed.

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