Andy Soucek is frustrated that, as the new champion of the FIA Formula Two series, he is struggling to find a seat on the F1 grid.

The Spanish-Austrian, who is 24, performed well as he recently claimed his prize of a full test with the Williams team.

He is well backed by sponsors, but admitted recently that he cannot afford to race for the new Spanish team Campos.

By the Spanish sports newspaper AS, Soucek was asked about Max Mosley's concept about F2 being an affordable route into formula one.

"F2 was created to be the step before F1, but it is also true that Mosley is no longer the president," he said.

"I believe that Todt and the FIA want to follow on with Mosley's ideal, but it's a question of what they can do. They can't force the teams to have the champion of F2," Soucek added.

If he cannot secure a race seat, Soucek admitted that becoming a reserve driver is "an option", but not his preferred one.

"I believe that it will not go longer than two weeks more," he said of his current negotiations with teams.


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