Vandenbrink Design in the Netherlands is developing a new racing model based on their GTO. Check out the renderings of the Vandenbrink Ferrari 599 GTO Ecurie GTX inside.

The designers at Dutch firm Vandenbrink Design have released new drawings showing their latest proposal: the Vandenbrink Design Ferrari 599 GTO Ecurie GTX.  The car builds on the Vandenbrink GTO, a lightweight model limited to just five production units.

Originally introduced as a concept three years ago, the GTO comes as either a 599, with a 5.998-liter 650-horsepower V12 engine that produces up to 630 Nm of torque, or a 630, with a 6.30-liter V12 engine tuned to deliver 750-hp and 680 Nm of torque.

No word yet on what the specs would be of the new model.  Supposedly, it would come with large diffusers at the front and rear, an equally big rear wing, and slicks.

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