We have the full scoop on the Vath performance kit for the Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG. Is it worth over 57k? You decide. Photos and details inside.

German Mercedes-Benz tuners Väth have released new details about their version of the CL 65 AMG.  Now with a massive 745-horsepower and up-to 1,150 Nm of torque the car claims a 0-100km/h time of nearly four seconds.

For €36,890, the company offers an engine tuning package with reprogrammed computer, "inlet optimization with an air collector," and an advanced cooling system.  New exhaust and "boosting" system are also included.  After the package is installed the car's top speed hits 340 km/h (211 mph).

Adding the 20-inch alloys with Vredestein high-performance winter tires runs another €7,378, while six-piston caliper brakes with 405 mm disks adds a much higher pricetag.  The calipers, disks, and steel-flex tubes with racing fluid go for €8,082.  Lowering the vehicle 40 mm costs another €1,952.

What makes the car look great is the carbon front lip and rear fins.  The fins replace the diffusor, with the trunk and roof spoilers sitting above.  Total cost for the exterior mods: €3,188.

Although the Väth CL 65 AMG looks great, and has impressive performance creds, we're not sure that there is enough value to justify a €57,490 cost.


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