More spy shots of Ford's take on the Fiat 500 with new revealing interior image. The new Ka will be built on Fiat mechanicals in Fiats factory.

It’s an interesting one this. Ford’s little KA has been with us for around 12 years now, being introduced in 1996. Back then it was a wacky design that polarised opinion. It has however become a familiar sight on European roads not to mention some of the roads in Latin America. The little car has a gained a cult following in Europe as the looks are still fresh, it still goes around corners like it is on rails and the simplicity of its design is endearing to many.

It will be tough to follow such a successful design and Ford knows it, many believe that is why Ford have taken so long to come up with a replacement as essentially they didn’t know how to improve on such an appealing little package. This is where Fiat comes into the equation. Fiat and Ford are not renowned as being industry buddies, Fiat mainly keeping to its own family of brands and Ford sticking to its huge group of companies. Well that has changed. The liaison started almost exactly 3 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show when Ford and Fiat began talks about setting up deal to co-develop a city car. Fiat was already working on its Seicento replacement and Ford saw an opportunity to get in at the early conception stage. At the 2007 Frankfurt Motor show, the first fruits of this co-operation were revealed in the form of the Fiat 500.

Ford’s version on this theme will be the KA and it will be built alongside the Fiat 500 in Fiat’s Tychy plant in Poland. Currently Ford of Europe use either co-developed diesel engines with PSA or Mazda based petrol engine designs for their European products. It is believed that none of these engines will be used in the new KA as all of the mechanicals will come from Fiat’s funky 500, so expect Euro 5 conforming 1.2-litre (69-bhp), a 1.3-litre diesel Multijet with DPF (75-bhp) and a 1.4-litre 16v (100-bhp) range of 4 cylinder engines.

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