Sensational 650 bhp BRABUS wingboy is made to stun crowds at Geneva, just as he did at Essen. Nice snow-white colour as well to complete the blazing look. Price is nice too...

BRABUS is offering a two-time deal for buyers of its two special cars, the SLR McLaren roadster conversion and smart. Interested parties can buy these two as a performance couple, one of the city, and one for touring. Cost is an eye-watering €699,000 for both, and can be enjoyed by owners of SLR and/or Maybach. And both cars come in a special snow-white exterior paint colour.

SLR has upped its game by 24 bhp/ 18kW to 650 bhp/ 478kW, from the old 5.4-litre V8 supercharged horse of the early 2000s. It has been assisted by a fuel-cooling system and special camshafts. Acceleration is assisted by a limited-slip differential so that 0 – 100km/h goes quickly by in 3.6 seconds. For the benefit of those who can, its ultimate speed is 337km/h.

Aerodynamically there are clear changes as well, where the front bumper hosts a spoiler that helps to minimize lift and keep the 20-inc wheels on the ground at all times.

SLR McLaren Roadster BRABUS at Geneva