As per the leaked photos earlier today, we know there is a facelift coming for the Ford Galaxy.  However, this strange mule is completely unrelated. It is most likely a development mule testing a new panoramic glass roof and its associated driver's aids for future models.  As seen on the Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford may be testing something similar to what we've already seen in the Iosis Max Concept.

On the mule the only visible change is the front windshield that is more steeply angled down compared to the normal Galaxy. To compensate for the gap created between the two roof panels and windshield joint, a filler panel has been fabricated. Testing apparatus or a display console is attached to the inside of the windshield as well. Also there is a strange vertical piece of metal welded to the back edge of the engine hood, possibly to deflect reflections.

So what can it be? Is Ford already testing some ideas for the new generation Galaxy? Or is it something completely different?


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