Hyundai may green-light the Hyundai Veloster, but will the conservative execs at Kia go for a Kee Coupe? Details inside.

A production version of the Kee Coupe concept could be brought to market if Kia design director Peter Schreyer has his way.  In an interview with Autocar, Schreyer acknowledged that the Kee Coupe could be attractive to customers that do not currently consider the company's cars for purchase.

The designer did acknowledge that there are no immediate plans to put the car in showrooms, but a production model could get attention in 2012 or beyond.  The Hyundai-owned label has not yet conducted a study to determine the car's marketability.  Schreyer also noted that Kia's executive team is incredibly conservative, and would not push the car into production without a guaranteed profit.

"When you’re making cars like this, it’s important to make them with a great deal of confidence,” he said. “So I think the Kia brand has to grow a little more in stature before the time will be right for Kee."

In similar fashion, Hyundai engineers are working on an all-new Veloster, perhaps to replace the Tiburon.  The Veloster would come with a 145-horsepower 1.6-liter GDI four-cylinder engine, with a 175-hp unit also available.  Bigger engines, and hybrid powertrains are also possible.

The Veloster was first shown off as a 2+2 concept at the 2007 Seoul Auto Show.  If produced, it could get odd-shaped doors, and conceptual hatchback as a way of setting itself apart from other cars in the same segment.  Look for pricing to be sub-$22k.

Schreyer says he would like the Kee Coupe to use a rear-driven platform, which might come from the Genesis.  The company would also consider the Cee'd and Magentis platforms.  Perhaps the Kia Kee Coupe will be developed in tandem with the Hyundai Veloster.