We have the full details on the fastest-ever Opel. Did it break 300 km/h? Pics and details inside.


Officially sanctioned tuners Steinmetz have set a new speed record for street-legal Opel vehicles.  At 287.4 km/h (178.6 mph), the Steinmetz/Klasen Insignia Sports Tourer OPC is officially the fastest Opel ever built.

The record was set in mid-October at the High Performance Event in Nardo, Italy.  Nardo is the home of a massive 12-kilometer oval that is entirely banked, allowing drivers to reach maximum speed without turning the wheel.

Steinmetz lowers the Insignia, and adds a new grille, front and rear spoilers, and 20-inch alloy wheels.  They also add superficial touches, like chrome trim and floor mats.

They then hand the car over to Klasen Motors, who adds a bigger turbocharger, retuned intercooler, and new exhaust.  These upgrades include mods to the fuel injectors, and reprogramming of the engine computer to produce 400 horsepower and up to 550 Nm of torque.


Steinmetz Sets Fastest Opel World Record