The library includes the sound of the engine starting, the engine under acceleration, and the transmission being downshifted.

Lexus has launched an online sound library for the LFA supercar.

Effectively a collection of noises, the library includes the sound of the engine starting, the engine under acceleration, the engine at "full flight," and the transmission being downshifted.

According to Lexus, "The acoustic team studied the noise made by a Formula 1 car at maximum revs, then applied detailed design features to create an exhaust note for the LFA that is unlike any other car on the road, enhancing the sensation of speed and acceleration."

In order to create the unique exhaust note, Lexus used a titanium main silencer with "a valve-actuated, dual-stage structure that channels the exhaust flow according to engine speed." When the engine is turning at speeds less than 3,000 rpm, the exhaust valve stays closed to create an unobtrusive noise. When pushed past 3,000 rpm, the valve opens and an F1 soundtrack ensues.

Furthermore, the induction system features a "...uniquely formed horizontally split resin surge tank - a unique design - (which) mimics the acoustic chamber of wind and string instruments: up to 4,000rpm it emits the engine's primary firing frequency of 300Hz; this changes to 400 to 500Hz as the engine revs climb to 6,000rpm; and a peak is reached at 600Hz as the engine wails towards its 9,000rpm red line."

Unlike most Lexuses (or Luxi), the LFA forces the driver to listen to the exhaust note. The car has three sound channels which funnel a testosterone-inducing medley into the cabin.

To hear the car in action, head over to the LFA website (the library is located in the gallery, under sounds) or watch the previously released video above.