Carefully placed spies managed to score some photos of the Renault Megane CC this week, giving us a clear view of the rear lights and glass roof. Details and photos inside.


Spies snapped a new set of photos featuring the Renault Megane CC.  The car was undergoing cold weather testing in the run-up to its supposed March debut in Geneva.

This time around, we get to see a few new details through the padding.  Light clusters in the back shows, what appears to be, two rows of LEDs as brake indicators, with a whited-out section for reverse and turn lights.  Unlike last time, the bi-color side mirrors are no longer visible.  However, the shape of the casing, and the support, appears to be very similar.

The vehicle will share design touches with the Megane coupe, including a similar front fascia.  Evidence of this can be seen front the identical placement and integration of the fog lights and air intakes.  Expect the same engine choices as well, with a suite of bio-fuel, diesel, and petrol options.

Now with less padding on top, we see what appears to be a glass section in the roof.

Spring is the perfect time to launch a new convertible, with the early summer months being the most important in the drop-top market.  More news about the Renault Megane CC should be available as the Geneva Motor Show approaches.