German tuner firm Hofele Design have come up with the perfect gift for the poseur in your family. The Hofele R8-Look aerokit is capable of ruining your Audi A5, be it the convertible, coupe, or Sportback.

For an undisclosed sum, customers receive a new front bumper, side skirts with air intakes, side blades, and rear spoiler. Customers also get the R8 V10-Look rear bumper with lamella inserts and rear diffuser. Conveniently, this setup only fits the sold-separate Hofele quad-pipe sports muffler. Authentic-looking air vents are also available at the front.

Coupe owners can also get a custom boot-lid spoiler, not available on the other models. Sportback owners: only the front bumper with vents is available for you.

WCF Managing Editor Brian Potter said it best when he exclaimed, "I went blind for a few seconds when I first saw it." So did we, Brian. So did we.



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