New LEDs, new look: The Volkswagen Golf mkVI makes improvements to the rear, but is it worth it? Details and photos inside.


Volkswagen Golf fans will probably be cheering over the latest offering from VW.  Rear LED lights for the Golf VI are now optionally available for €350 but come standard on the Golf GTD, Golf GTI and Golf R.

The company uses 48 light emitting diodes to make the four curve-and-dot shapes seen in the photos.  These lights are covered in a smoked lens, giving a very recognizable look that should not blind tailing drivers.

Aside from looking good, they also light up 0.2 seconds faster than normal incandescent lights.  VW believes this technology has a safety impact, claiming that "at a speed of 100 km/h it is equivalent to 5.6 meters braking distance."  Of course, this depends on how hard you hit the brakes.

Volkswagen is also making available Bi-Xenon headlights for 1,295 Euros. Optional for all Golf VI models, except Golf R which has them standard, the high intensity discharge lighting system comes equipped with dynamic cornering light, which adjusts the light beam angle in conjunction with the steering angle. They also adapt the light beam's peripheral range relative to the car's speed depending if it's city or highway driving. For example, in city traffic - up to 35 km/h - the lane boundary on the driver's side is illuminated much brighter.


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