The electric-powered eRUF Stormster is being shown at the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Power is 270kW (367bhp) and a range of 200km is claimed.

Bavaria-based tuner RUF presents an all-electric Porsche Cayenne-derived SUV. Called the Stormster, the big vehicle is a major departure from RUF's big-power machines. It is closely related to the eRUF Greenster of Geneva 2009 which with it shares its power unit.

Driving the wheels is a Siemens electric motor whose own source of power is a lithium-ion battery from Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Europe's first lithium-ion battery manufacturer. Peak output is 270kW (367bhp) and a 0 - 100km/h time of 10 seconds has been quoted. RUF says the Stormster will reach a top end of 150km/h (93.2mph) and is capable of a 200km (124.2mi) range from a full charge. The car's total body weight is 2,670 kg (5,886 lbs) which is not light by any measure.

Winter tyres sized 295/30 R 22 were developed for the Stormster by Hankook. RUF then wrapped them around RUF classic 5 spoke lightweight wheels.

Fittingly and perhaps by design the "green" SUV is being shown to the public at the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

RUF has included a photo of its Dakara Cayenne styling package edited with an eRUF Stormster license plate suggesting the EV SUV can be equipped as such.


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