The electric-powered eRUF Stormster is being shown at the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Power is 270kW (367bhp) and a range of 200km is claimed.

Bavaria-based tuner RUF presents an all-electric Porsche Cayenne-derived SUV. Called the Stormster, the big vehicle is a major departure from RUF's big-power machines. It is closely related to the eRUF Greenster of Geneva 2009 which with it shares its power unit.

Driving the wheels is a Siemens electric motor whose own source of power is a lithium-ion battery from Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Europe's first lithium-ion battery manufacturer. Peak output is 270kW (367bhp) and a 0 - 100km/h time of 10 seconds has been quoted. RUF says the Stormster will reach a top end of 150km/h (93.2mph) and is capable of a 200km (124.2mi) range from a full charge. The car's total body weight is 2,670 kg (5,886 lbs) which is not light by any measure.

Winter tyres sized 295/30 R 22 were developed for the Stormster by Hankook. RUF then wrapped them around RUF classic 5 spoke lightweight wheels.

Fittingly and perhaps by design the "green" SUV is being shown to the public at the European Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

RUF has included a photo of its Dakara Cayenne styling package edited with an eRUF Stormster license plate suggesting the EV SUV can be equipped as such.


eRUF Stormster EV Based on Porsche Cayenne Revealed