Bentley Motors says its fastest, most powerful production car, the Continental Supersports, was certified to be 85% recyclable.

At Crewe, Bentley Motors headquarters, superfast does not necessarily mean super filthy. Consider the new Continental Supersports which can also run on E85 biofuel. It has a 463kW (630hp) twin turbo 6.0 W12 engine forcing through 800Nm. The 0 - 100km/h time is 3.9 seconds. Yet for all its power and performance the supercar has been certified as 85 percent recyclable by the German Motor Transport Authority (KBA), thus becoming one of only a few luxury cars to achieve that.

"Producing the fastest Bentley was a challenge in itself," Said Dr. Arno Homburg, Head of Whole vehicle Development at Bentley Motors. "However, we were equally determined not to sacrifice any environmental aspect in pursuit of this goal. The result is the paradox that the most extreme Bentley ever, is also the greenest".

When powered by petrol, E85 biofuel or any combination of the two, the two-door coupe can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent on a well-to-wheel basis says Bentley.

"It is part of our responsibility as a car maker to contribute to environmental improvements and with Supersports you can see an evolution of this thinking. Even though Bentleys last a very long time - nearly 70% of all cars ever made are still on the road or in collections - we have still sought to ensure any environmental impact is minimised. The wide use of natural materials such as wood and leather and the craftsmanship inherent in their use naturally favours us here," Homburg concluded.


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