Panoramic roof system are becoming all the rage in modern car design and Webasto are keen to stay ahead of the field with their new LigHT Concept.

Built to showcase it’s expertise in designing and producing vehicle convertible/glass roof systems, Webasto’s LigHT concept is based on a Roadster design. Webasto refer to its roof design as the “Light Hybrid Top” hence the capital “H” and “T” in LigHT.

Webasto have long been a favourite source of rooftop design for the automotive world. Such exclusive contracts include being involved in the Mini convertible and the VW Eos. Who could forget all those VW campers of the 70’s with their fold up Webasto roofs and sunroofs.

Their new design is a combination of soft top and hard top which utilises a new mixture of materials such as lightweight polyurethane and polycarbonate. The unit on the concept only weights approx 14kg.

The convertible design has long been a perennial favourite in many markets. Increasingly manufacturers are basing their convertible design on modified family saloons and hatchbacks and Webasto are clearly trying to stay ahead of the game with their new design. With summer just around the corner, Geneva seems like a great place to preview their new technology to the automotive giants of this world. Read on for more technical details.

Gallery: Webasto LigHT Concept