Three new Mazda2 concepts are on display in LA, and we have pictures and details of each.

Mazda is showcasing three tuned concepts based on the Mazda2 at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.  The three cars are meant to cater to specific hobbies, while being capable choices for daily drivers.

The track-inspired Mazda 2Evil Special Concept has a redesigned front spoiler and new rocker panels, diffuser, and rear spoiler to provide better aerodynamics and a sportier appearance.  The car is painted in Ceramic Grey, with Spirited Green mirrors and 17-inch wheels. Adorning the hood is the number 55, in honor of the Mazda 787B which won the '91 Le Mans.

Meanwhile, the Mazda Active2 Snow and Active2 Surf models have similar changes to the front bumper and rocker panels.  Each has a Thule roof rack to grip either matching snowboards, or the pictured carbon fiber surfboard.  The Active2 Snow is painted in Frozen White, with accents in Spirited Green, while the Active2 Surf reverses the color scheme.

All three cars use Yokahama tires, and an H&R coil-over suspension.  The Mazda 2Evil and Active2 concepts will be displayed in LA throughout the Auto Show.

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