How do you tune a Rolls-Royce without making it look absurd? Deutsche Manufaktur tried to do just that with the 450,000 euro Rolls-Royce Ghost Numero Uno. Details and photos inside.

Tuners Deutsche Manufaktur are selling their Rolls-Royce Ghost Numero Uno for €450,000 on  The company says their edition features a number of aerodynamic, design, and engineering changes meant to target "customers who want something a little more exclusive from an automobile that spells passion even in its original state."

Included in the package are new front and rear spoilers, a new grille, and new headlight shades.  The front-end changes give the car an unusual face, which may not be appealing to fans of the iconic brand.

One cool feature is the adjustable-tint glass.  This feature darkens the glass at the push of a button, with a second push returning the transparency level to its original state.

New 20-inch forged and polished wheels are included, with customers getting a choice of three designs.  Further interior and exterior customizations are available on request.

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