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Earlier in the year, we told you about Mitsubishi's plans to release a small crossover, based on their Concept-cX, in February 2010.  The Japanese automaker appears to be right on schedule with the car, having just released photos of the Mitsubishi RVR.

The RVR compact crossover will use a brand new 1.8-liter MIVEC petrol engine (the concept used a clean diesel) tuned to achieve a strong fuel economy rating.  No exact figures were given for the vehicle's efficiency, emissions, horsepower, or torque.  While the concept version was a 4WD, no word yet on which wheels will be powered in the production model.

Slotted below the Outlander, the lightweight vehicle measures roughly 4.3-meters long, about the same size as the Toyota Yaris sedan (Toyota Belta).  This is 200mm longer than the Concept-cX, but still much shorter than the Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, and BMW X1.  The new model has a squarer nose than the concept car, while being stretched a bit in the rear.

Features dropped from the concept include daytime LEDs, and the rear bumper-integrated center brake light.  Instead of the oddly-shaped, bi-color hatch, Mitsubishi chose a more normal design.  The car is better for it.  At the front, a trapizoid-shaped grille is still used, with the center separation now body colored, and the entire piece surrounded in a chrome-colored ring.  These also improve on the concept design.

The Mitsubishi RVR could debut at either the NAIAS, or the Geneva Motor Show.  A Geneva debut would coincide with the three-year anniversary of the car's conceptual introduction.  Mitsubishi will sell the car in showrooms across Asia, Europe, and North America.

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