Fifteen photos of the North America-Spec Ford Fiesta appeared online, and we break down the differences between the sedan, hatch, and their Euro counterpart.

Official photos of the North America version of the Ford Fiesta appear to have surfaced online.  The car is scheduled for an official unveiling during this week's LA Auto Show Press Days.

Both the hatch and sedan appear to substitute LED lights and vents in place of the Euro-Spec's fog lamps.  Instead of a tall and narrow trapezoidal lower grille, the NA-spec cars have a wider, shorter grille.  Where the sedan's upper grille has a brushed steel appearance, the hatchback's is body colored, and somewhat cheap-looking.

Heading to the rear end, the Fiesta hatch has slight variations to the lighting clusters and reflectors, with dual exhaust pipes pointed towards the road.  Meanwhile, the sedan has a box-shaped rear adorned by a silver bar, and lights that cover both the panels and the lid.

For now, we have to wait to see what the interior pictures will look like.  More photos should appear later today or tomorrow.