Senner Tuning present the Super Sport Concept, a 4.2-litre R8 subjected to the high standards of fine tuning and uniqueness that 'every Audi deserves'.

Senner Tuning of Ingelheim, Germany, offer a high level of individualisation which 'every Audi deserves' and the R8 has now been re-worked to these exacting standards of fine tuning and uniqueness. The upgrade is a far-reaching and thoroughly-tested one to both the R8 4.2 V8 FSI's body and mechanics. The result: the Super Sport Concept by Senner Tuning.

The Super Sport Concept Program comprises of body adjustable sport suspension, exhaust system modification, the supply of a special 20-inch alloy design and crucially uprating power to 458 hp and maximum torque to 470 Nm.

Engine performance tuning is achieved chiefly thanks to a new engine management system, using double sport air filter inserts and a new exhaust system of high-grade steel. Sports rims are available as 9x20" or 11x20" diamond/black/polished but all feature two-part twin spokes with high-performance Dunlop tyres. Ground clearance lowers by some 25mm at the front and 15mm at the rear courtesy of an optimised suspension.

The aftermarket kit inclusive of performance upgrades and special alloys will set back buyers 14,900 euros (~ $22,300).

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