If you think the current horsepower war is getting a bit ridiculous, prepare to be gobsmacked. Actually, you might not be completely thrown when we mention the 5,000-horsepower Devel Sixteen, because it has come up before. The first time was upwards of four years ago, when a prototype appeared at the Dubai Auto Show promising the aforementioned horsepower with a top speed somewhere north of 300 miles per hour. Such concepts often come and go in the automotive world, and if we’re honest, most never make it beyond a bonkers idea and a mock-up.

Color us surprised, then, when a week ago we come upon a video of the V16 engine for this proposed hypercar – all 12.3 liters of it – maxing out an engine dyno with 4,515 hp. It’s single-cam design with two-valve heads isn’t terrifically sophisticated, but with four turbos making 36 pounds of boost, it doesn’t need to be.

We also learned that Devel might be making a return trip to Dubai this year with a working prototype. As the above video shows, the company was there with three cars, including a new prototype Sixteen and crazy six-wheel off-roader. It’s that new white and blue Devel prototype that’s of particular interest to us, however, because it certainly has a more polished, production-type feel than the edgy concept from 2013.

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Devel is working with a U.S.- based builder for the engine, while Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus – the same company behind the new Apollo Intensa Emozioine hypercar – is assisting on the design. According to the video the Devel Sixteen will be available in three formats: 2,000 hp and 3,000 hp road versions, with 5,000 hp available exclusively for track use.

We have to admit, the new prototype looks fabulous. Its long wheelbase and extremely low profile are designed for stability at high speeds, and the twin exhaust outlets look like something straight from a fighter jet. The car is obviously still in full concept mode on the inside with a very futuristic, minimalist interior, but sadly we can’t confirm if this in fact a running prototype. We’re told it has a 12.3-liter V16, but the covers are never opened to show off the goods.

At the very least, it appears progress is being made so hats off to Devel for staying the course. Whether 5,000 horsepower is ultimately realized, however, remains to be seen. Hopefully, it won’t take another four years for a new progress report from the company.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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