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Well, if the Stig recommends it...yes, of course!

Caterham Cars has released a smaller version of the R500 to make the model more affordable for the average consumer.

How much cheaper?

£19.50...or €21.50


How much smaller?

1:16 scale

Oh, it's a toy.

The Caterham R500 was such a hit on Top Gear last year - with the Stig recording one of the fastest ever lap times on the show's infamous track, and the car going on to win Top Gear's Car of the Year Award for 2008 - that Caterham Cars decided to put out this remote control version.

Available in two color combinations - yellow with black stripes or red stripes on white - the cars will operate on different frequencies so that owners can race each other.

A Christmas gift to rev a Top Gear fan's idling heart. How very thoughtful.


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