Abu Dhabi Police thrilled local crowds with a spectacular display of the F999 police racer during a 'promotion of safety' campaign held at the seafront on Yass Island.

The Abu Dhabi Police department in the United Arab Emirates celebrated the emirate's involvement in Formula One by unveiling this F999 race car in front of a huge crowd of onlookers on the seafront boulevard on Yass Island.

The car, complete with blue lights and sirene, is not for chasing real criminals but was only meant to promote safe driving, public safety and adherence to traffic rules. Fans were ecstatic when the police used it to act out a safety procedure involving a masked "criminal".

A few other cars recently acquired by the department were also showcased to the adoring crowd. They included a new Chevrolet Camaro, a Nissan GT-R and some special motorbikes, all dressed in local police livery. The F999 had the words "we ensure your safety in the fastest way" plastered on the sides of the engine cover.

Watch the spectators, the mini night drama and some other highlights of the celebrations in this promotional video clip.


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