Closure seems probable considering that Saturn was also axed when the Penske deal fell through.

With Koenigsegg backing out of plans to buy Saab, many of us are left wondering what will happen to the beleaguered Swedish brand.

According to a recent report, there are only a few likely scenarios and none of them are terribly appealing.

The big one, closure, seems probable considering that Saturn was also axed when the Penske deal fell through. This scenario has been given added credibility since several sources are reporting that there are currently no other bidders for Saab.

The second possible scenario is Saab could be bought by different third-party company. As you may recall, we reported on number of possible suitors for the Swedish brand including several investors and automakers (Fiat, Geely, Dongfeng Motor Group and BAIC). Regardless, it remains unclear if anyone is willing to buy Saab and then fork over the massive investment that is required to bring the brand back to profitability (something not seen in decades).

The next scenario is government ownership, something which seems highly unlikely considering the Swedish government has repeatedly stated they would not take a stake in Saab or Volvo. Despite this, the government has promised to provide at least 20 billion crowns (roughly 3 billion USD / 1.9 billion euros) in loan guarantees to help support the country's automotive industry.

While GM could decide to "pull an Opel" and keep Saab, it remains unlikely because the brand isn't as vital as Opel when it comes to product development. However, Saab is (or was) primed to launch the redesigned 9-5 and new 9-4X shortly. These vehicles could return the brand to profitability, but it remains unclear if GM is willing to take that risk.

Saab's future will likely be discussed at GM's board meeting next week, but until then, what do you think GM should/will do with Saab?

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